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Whether your child is passionate about dance, theater, creative musicianship and music technology or visual arts, the North Valley Arts Academies at Shea offers an outlet for your child to express his or her creative passions, with a seamless continuation from elementary school through high school. PVSchools offers the first fully integrated arts education programs in the Northeast Valley.

Beginning in the 5th grade at Desert Cove Elementary School, students will receive daily instruction in one of four signature programs:

  • Dance
  • Theater
  • Creative Musicianship and Music Technology
  • Visual Arts

This is in addition to the core curriculum and specialized programs offered at the school, including the self-contained gifted programs. The program continues at Shadow Mountain High School in 9th grade.

Key Program Features and Benefits

  • Specialized Music and Visual Arts Program
  • Program pathway from elementary to middle to high school
  • Multiple entry points
  • Schools are conveniently located off State Route 51 and Shea Blvd.
  • Immersion in your student's creative passion

What's Offered at the North Valley Arts Academies at PVSchools

Dance: Take Center Stage

The North Valley Arts Academies (NVAA) Dance Track provides your child with the essential skills and techniques to become a successful dancer. In the early years of the program, students will learn the methodology for popular dance styles such as ballet, jazz, hip hop and contemporary dance, and learn about choreography and creativity. In later years, your child will progress on to advanced and complex dance techniques, production, the history of dance and more. If your child possesses a love of movement, the NVAA Dance Track is ideal for honing their skills and propelling him or her onto a successful dance career.

Apply Now for Dance

Theater: Steal the Scene

Does your child have a desire to tread the boards of Broadway? The NVAA Theater Track can set your child on the path to realize that dream. Elementary students begin their journey learning fundamental performance and storytelling skills such as role-play, puppetry, playwriting and performance, before moving on to advanced acting techniques, design, theater history, direction, improv and musical theater in higher grades. The road to the opening night may be a difficult one, but your child will learn the skills and gain the confidence to become a future showstopper.

Apply Now for Theater

Also, check out this behind the scenes series on how The Little Mermaid came together (linked below):

Music Technology: Hit the High Notes

Students of the NVAA Creative Musicianship and Music Technology Program explore the development and production of sound in a progressively more rigorous curriculum to gain the skills to work in the music production industry. Students collaborate with other NVAA programs in projects such as mixing and operating microphones for theater, as well as creating music to accompany various dance and visual art projects. If that sounds like music to your ears, apply now.

Apply Now for Music

Visual Arts: Craft an Exceptional Talent

Traditional tools and modern technology collide in the NVAA Visual Arts Program as students explore the vast array of artistic media, coding, web design, photography and more. As your child progresses through the grades, he or she will narrow the scope of their work, specializing and refining their techniques, with the goal of creating students looking to excel in an art-related career.

Apply Now for Visual Arts